Thursday, 22 April 2010

thoughts on the iPad....

A lot of people became very negative of the iPad when it was revealed saying that it lacked certain features.

My view was not to look at these limitations as a bad thing. The iPad doesn't have to run the software, but it can make a superb controller. (as you can customize it yourself). This, i believe, is where it will shine. [for music]

A lot of great music has been made on limited money and a limited setup. The iPad may have a few limitations, but even if you step back in time even 10 years ago we would probably laugh at how decadent we have become with regards to music software and hardware.

It seems almost fashionable these days to complain about how music software or hardware doesn't do X or Y. Or which is the "best" program. I guess the answer is there is no "best" program - its whatever works for you.

I recently decided to delete all my presets in a number of programs to challenge myself. Its funny, because you actually become a lot more resourceful when you have nothing rather than when you have everything. You actually start CREATING rather than just being influenced by whatever program you are using. A lot of people will say that they just tweak the presets to get the sound they want. There's nothing wrong with this approach, but it is infinitely more rewarding to create your own library from scratch. You find yourself looking at the interfaces of these programs in different ways...! Try it, i dare you....


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